The Top 4 Ways for YOU to Sell Land Fast!            

1) Get an Instant Offer for your land by contacting us at We are currently seeking land primarily in the Pacific Northwest, but have business partners nationwide who are well qualified and will pay Cash for your Land!

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2) For Sale by Owner — To go this route, you will need to follow several key steps. The majority of FSBO property ends up listed with a Realtor and properties that do sell, often sell for less than they could have if they had been placed with a top notch Realtor. For certain property, FSBO is a great option so be sure to check out our upcoming article on the “Must Know Items to Sell your Property For Sale by Owner”. 

A word of caution, if speed is important, very few owners sell land fast with this method.

3) Online Marketplace — Yes, we know that there is the random robbery and frequent scam on Craigslist, yet I have been selling on Craigslist almost since it’s inception. Before that I used tiny classified ads in newspapers. Having completed thousands of transactions, I will agree that this route is likely more dangerous than it used to be. That said, I still buy and sell on Craigslist and have never had a problem beyond an endless supply of tire kickers, people who want to make payments on inexpensive items, no shows, etc. There are some challenges, but it still works and is a great way to dispose of property and personal items. Facebook, OfferUp, and other online marketplaces have become popular and each have pros and cons. 

4) List it with a Realtor — Oh no! Commissions! How much is this really going to cost? Hold on… let’s use some logic for a moment. If you’ve been around real estate for any time, you have likely run across Realtors that will place your property in their online listing service and think they’re done. When working with some discount brokers this may be the case and that may be just fine if all you want is access to listing your property where thousands of other agents will see it and be alerted to bring their buyers right over. Agents spend a ton of money connecting with Buyers and Sellers of real estate. When you actually look at the statistics, you will discover that properties sold with a Realtor net a higher sold price than properties where the owner was alone. Realtors bring market knowledge, walk you through pricing, market your property, advertise it across hundreds of web sites, and most importantly… they negotiate on your behalf! Check out our upcoming article on “When to List Property with a Realtor and 5 Reasons Not to Sell with a Realtor”.

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